Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Design(s)! Wohoooo!

Hi There!
I have made 2 designs just for this blog, as I have to keep it running :)
It is two Elie Saab gowns and I made them with two techniques. The first one (the non-strapless one) I made rather quick with just burning and bleeching tool, and it looks rather painted but it works, and the other one (the strapless) have I made more detailed, and I have put more time into it with shadows, etc.
So.... Which do you prefer? The quick one or the detailed one :) I need to know your thoughts, as I am though doing a smashing issue, that will blow your mind :P
Don't mind the hairs and makeup, I'm in a hurry :)



  1. They are fantastic. Well Done. I really like the strapless one. If only you were the Stardoll clothes maker. Everything would be top quality and the clothes would be beautiful.



  2. I want it in starplaza, booo xD

  3. WOW!! I love both! Did you hand draw them??

  4. What is even interesting NASA bomb the moon last night, well a small part. Anyone been sensing something strange lately? I think something big may happen soon, not every one are mindless sheep. Be smart.

  5. i love the detailed one and like the strapless but love them both i guess

  6. Foe some reason I like the non-strapless better but I love both <3

  7. I love both of them! They look stunning, but I've to say I like the non-strapless more, but I don't know why :D

  8. The second one is better suited for the dolls I think! :)