Thursday, October 1, 2009

Different Mag PICS! Spoiler!

Hello everyone :)
I have decided to show some of the graphics for my October issue.. that never will be published...
Me and my creatice director (surfsandandsun) decided to skip this October issue and make 4 issues per year, with school and all. Alot of magazines shut down because of school, and to little time, and to be quite frankly, I have to little time to make a magazine each month, coming up with brand new ideas, etc etc. So that's why I'm making 4 issues per year, one winter, one fall, one summer, and one spring issue. But the twist is that the issues will be EXTRA big bang large, and contain alot of articles, graphics etc.
So i'm not gonna quit the mag, you just have to wait until December for an exiting issue! Meanwhile I will constantly drop spoilers all over the place, such as famous blogs and so. I will also run competitions to be featured in the magazine, so you have something to look forward to meanwhile I'm working my arse of making this mag :)

Verojun was supposed to be the CG for the october issue, and her you can see some of the pics.
Please comment, and if you want, post theese pics on your blog and advertise D Mag :P


  1. wow- love the Armani dress :D

  2. those graphicss

    so the next issue will only be released on december??
    OMG i can't wait that long

  3. Jean-Paul Gautlier dress if fantastic!

  4. And there was me thinking I was a good designer :P
    You blow my mind, seriously. That cover is something to be mega-proud of!

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words :D
    And Alice; You are a great designer, and soo unique in your way, and thanks for the kind words :)

  6. the graphics look fabulous...although the fonts seem a little lacking in comparison