Monday, August 10, 2009

Mailyn Monroe "TPATS"

Hi =)
I made a D&G dress before with a Marilyn print, and decided to make more Marilyn items. So the dress I made is from her movie "The prince and the showgirl" =) I hope you like it :D Comment and tell what you think, I absolutley love comments =)


  1. I love it! I can't see the white parts that well at all. But besides that it's gorgeous!

  2. It's beautiful. I love it well done. It's amazing how well you can make tiny little pixels stuck together to make beautiful greaphics lol!

  3. Thanks :D
    To lauren: I can see it just fine, i think it is about the light-setting on your computer =) If you have the screen set very bright you can't see white parts :D

  4. I can see it fine too
    I Love this is really amazing keep it going

  5. I can´t see it! But it looks great. You should put it in a black background.


  6. and you just keeps getting better..
    nice work =]]
    your very talented...and i agree with john and lauren.....But it looks PERFECT anyway =]]
    you should tottaly do a Dior couture with the over the top shoes hats and stuff..i know you would make it look PERFECT =]]
    keep doing the great job

    ;* Nicole

  7. I can start on one and see how it works out :D

  8. Ohh thank you so much for reciving the oppinion like that =]]
    most people wouldn't
    im sure it will look amazing ;D