Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christian Dior and Marilyn

Hi all =)
Yesterday, Nicole (tcholas_93, right :P?) told me that I could try make a Christian Dior Haute Couture dress, and so I did! :)
But I did short it down, as I like it much better now, lol :)
Please comment, and challenge me! Write down a special garment you want me to do in comments! I'd love to see what you want me to do :D Surprise me :D

And I did a Marilyn Gown and a Beaver Fur coat (Fake fur!) Sry if the pictures are like randomly placed all over the place. Tell me what you think =)


  1. Hiya, Wow what a beautiful dress. Amazing!

    What about you try Halle Berry's oscar Dress, Gwyneth Paltrows Oscar Dress and Liz Hurley's Versace safety pin dress. (You can look them all up on google)

    They'd be great to do especially Halle Berry's it's amazing!

  2. Amazing! I love your designs!

  3. I LOVE IT!
    Your designs are wayyyy better then all other people on here that design clothes!

  4. WOW
    it looks AMAZING
    thanks so much for accepting my oppinion/challenge =]]
    so glad!!
    LOVE marilyn's outfit as well =]]..
    Keep doing the great job =]]

  5. I think you should try make heads too

  6. I love it, I donate a challenge later.
    Great job !

  7. surfsandandsun (Hayley)August 14, 2009 at 9:58 AM

    I wish we could buy these dresses in the Starplaza! You're VERY talented Milena!