Monday, April 5, 2010

D Magazine - The End!

Hey you! Long time, no writing!

But a 'big surprise' is about to be revealed. D is ending. I guess you all could see that coming, and I will not be writing a whole novel of excuses, because honestly, I think it's dead boring to make graphics on demand, so that's why I'm ending my mag, and will in the future just publish graphics, designs and I will be able to do some jobs for you all out there, h-a-h-a :)

I decided not to show all the grapichs that would be in D, but I will share two :)

And I'll se YOU in the future!

XOXO - Milena


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  3. Those Shoes are Amazing!, I'm sad D is ending!

  4. Anyone else see a fat lazy lady in the shoes heel?

    Still drop dead gorgues though!

  5. It's Dior Godess shoes, and the 'fat lazy lady' is the godess of fertility :)

  6. Your only showing two, because you could only finish two :] If you finished more, you would've showed us.

  7. what filters did u use????
    in photoshop or whatever??