Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hi All, :P
This week I have made 3 designs, actually 5 but only 3 was worth publishing lol :)
There is one blue-ish which I kinda like. The heels are like.. tall, but I like it :)
There is one that is like a Dancing with the Stars outfit, that got stucked in a sequin machine :S
And the last but not least, is the one I am most happy with. It's the corall-coloured dress with a black belt. I think it's marvelous, and I have just learned how to make cool shadows without making it look like it got painted :P
I hope you like it and please comment :)


  1. OMG
    love the last one..reminds me of Betsey johnson...
    love the "stripper shoes" btw
    do u have msn??
    if u do add me
    or add me on skype

  2. Thanks :D OK Sure I will :) I add you on msn :)

  3. Great job! Your graphics are beautiful! :D